March 1, 2017

Essentials Of The Connected Home

Essentials Of The Connected Home

The connected home is a small look into the future. It is about connecting a series of smart devices which are going to carry out functions like automatically starting the coffee maker, operating the burglar alarm, alerting you if there’s excess smoke and telling you if the food in your fridge is past its consumption date. Of course, these functions are not necessary for a homeowner, but home comfort appliances and the concept behind them is to redefine what you consider necessary and to make your life easier.

There is now an increasing movement towards smart technology and connectivity in home appliances so that people can have greater comfort and accessibility than ever before. Although the trend has only been around for the last couple of years it is already making waves; so much so that the multi-billion dollar giant Google was lured into buying the smaller tech genius Nest which makes home comfort appliances like the Nest Protect which is a smart smoke detector.

Everything you need to know about Nest

The Nest Protect connects to your phone to alert you if there is any danger and it is a wifi-connected smoke detector which can detect both smoke and CO2 which may be present in your home at any point. For this dual detection, it used photoelectric technology which far surpasses the basic ionization technology being used by its counterparts. The Nest Protect has also performed much better regarding the suppression of false alarms which other smoke detectors sometimes pick up during the cooking of food or when the shower has been running for too long.

Give back to the mother Earth and save energy

Nest also gained popularity by creating self learning thermostats. It adapts to your needs and schedule and you can change the temperatures from a corresponding app from your phone. After a week in use, it saves your preferences automatically such as the ideal temperature for nighttime and for lounging around in the evening. It is also been formatted to shut down at intervals and save energy wherever possible to benefit the environment.

Another reason to stick to your phone

Previously the internet changed the way we communicated with the people we know and loved and before long it changed the way we processed information. Now it is well on its way to changing the way we carry out basic everyday tasks such as turning on the juicer for our morning glass of orange juice. It can be said that it is seeping into our lives on a whole other level.

While social media has us addicted to our phones constantly throughout the day; smart devices are another reason our phones, tablets and laptops will become inseparable from us. That is because they are being used to send commands to nearly every component in our house from the sprinkler system (Rachio Smart Wifi Sprinkler) to the wireless lighting system (Phillips Hue).

Accessibility and comfort at your finger tips

The ‘connected home’ goes beyond just comfort home appliances. It is about faster broadband and a larger range which will allow that many devices to be connected simultaneously without any lag. With the considerable finance involved consumers are bound to ask what extra benefit the connected home can give them. Good accessibility is definitely top of the list. You don’t need to get up to turn the lights on or change the music around because devices like Homey or Flic can do it for you. You also don’t need to get up from your couch to retrieve data from your laptop in the bedroom because you can stream it on the smart TV in the lounge. The possibilities are never-ending.

Comfort is hand in hand with accessibility. With products like the Nest thermometer you can control the temperature of your home at different times of the day and after a week the self-learning device will regulate this on its own. The Amazon Echo is another example of wireless touch-free music playing as it is a speaker which operates on voice control no matter where you are in the house.

If you’re willing to jump in with both feet, then you will need to invest in something like Homey which will connect with various devices and act as a virtual master key and cheaper versions of this are now making their way into the market. The trend has only begun and it has an underlying layer of energy conservation running through it so it is only a matter of time before renewable sources of energy production such as solar power end up being used to power these devices.  This sort of innovation is sure to drive consumer sentiment and will begin to shift the mindset of the consumer toward the adoption of these innovative devices.

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